Twitter Asked Nicely So White Claw Introduced 3 New Flavors

We're still recovering from last summer's hard seltzer boom, as many a fan would tell you, the cans just have a way of creeping up on you. But after all the Truly and Bon & Viv's, it seems like we all came home to text White Claw an innocent, "wyd?" In fact, 70,000 of you Tweeted and DM'd asking for some new flavors.
It's been 16 months since we've heard any news from White Claw. We've gone sixteen months drinking the same original five flavors: mango, "Black Cherry," "Natural Lime," raspberry, and "Ruby Grapefruit." Sixteen months of a world with only five White Claw flavors, and an ever-expanding Four Loko offering. (Well, White Claw did launch a "Pure" flavor in late March of last year, but that's more of a non-flavor so it doesn't count.)
White Claw heard us all and is returning our requests with a trio of news flavors: lemon, watermelon, and tangerine. It's the first flavor trio since the original five. The hard seltzer brand will package the three new flavors along with the well-loved mango in a new 12-Pack that's already available wherever White Claw is sold.
During the hard seltzer boom of last summer, "White Claw" alone was mentioned every 13 seconds on social media. Trader Joe's even carries the product in its stores. Some might even claim that White Claw is the Coca-Cola of hard seltzers. What we do know is that rosé is officially a staple, and too many key players — from Four Loko to Bud Light — joined the seltzer game for 2020 not to be the stage for the second wave of bubbles.

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