Trader Joe’s Sells White Claw Now, Because We’ve Been Very Good This Year

Spotted: Alcohol fridge darling White Claw, this year’s It Girl of beverages, in a 12-pack at Trader Joe’s. It’s what the bros have always wanted. The moms are also happy. It’s a victory for 20-something women and a triumph for picnic basket owners across the country. Will White Claw be the thing that brings us together as a nation? 
There is no more reliable Trader Joe’s source than the mega fans that document every shelf and barrel the grocer has. This time, TraderJoesGang spotted a variety 12-pack going for $15.99. Have we been good about avoiding single-use plastic? Have we swiped enough people in on the subway? From the look of the shelves at Trader Joe’s, my guess is yes.
Food & Wine has also reported that Trader Joe’s started sneaking in the good earlier last month. The goal is to have them available in Trader Joe’s stores nationwide, but for now, California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho are the only states where Trader Joe’s stocks White Claw, the drink of the gods. Some folks claim to have seen The Shell House and Bon & Viv stocked at Trader Joe’s but White Claw’s arrival is a true gift. And just when we thought the spiked seltzer craze may have been waning. 
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