The Best Trader Joe's Products Of All Time

If you've got a Trader Joe's in your neighborhood, chances are it's your go-to supermarket. It's cheap, convenient, and the snacks are unbeatable. It sounds crazy, but I often stand on the checkout line for 30 minutes and then take the subway home with my groceries just so I can have my favorite TJ's products during the week.
When I sent out an office poll about people's favorite items, I quickly found I wasn't the only one who can't get enough of what that grocery store offers. So much, in fact, that I had well over 100 "favorite" products to sort through. After painstakingly whittling down the list, I present you with our top Trader Joe's picks, according to R29 staffers.
Did we miss any of your faves? Shout 'em out in the comments!
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Gone Berry Crazy!
Rich dark chocolate-covered and semi-frozen Thai strawberry bites are a dessert dream.
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Chipotle Toscano Cheese
TJ's Toscano cheeses are seasonally-recurring classics — and this spring's edition boasts some major spicy chipotle flavor.
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Soy Chorizo
TJ's veggie version tastes like the real spicy sausage deal — especially chopped, sautéed, and thrown into our breakfast burritos.
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Peanut Butter Pretzels
Whether solo or sprinkled on a scoop of ice cream, we can't get enough of these Pennsylvania-made salted pretzels that are packed with creamy peanut butter.
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Ranch Seasoned Crispy Chickpeas
These crispy little peas are lightly fried in a canola-safflower oil blend and then seasoned with a buttermilk ranch dressing.
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Mini Quiche Duo
TJ's mini quiche pack gives you the best of both cheesy worlds: a truffle and swiss plus bacon and sautéed onion duo.
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Truffle Honey Mustard
What's better than honey mustard? Honey mustard with truffle pieces mixed in.
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Three Seed Beet Crackers
These white corn and beet flour crips are made with a mixture of black sesame, flax, and chia seeds that are dusted in spicy-savory paprika, onion, and sea salt flavor.
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Chocolate Coconut Almonds
TJ's takes chocolate-covered almonds to the next level by adding in a creamy layer of coconut.
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Mini Marshmallows
For when normal-sized marshmallows are too big, a pack of these vanilla-y minis will do just the trick.
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Sweet Pull-Apart Aloha Rolls
What have your pulled pork sandwiches and beef (or veggie) sliders been missing? TJ's fluffy and sweet pull-apart rolls.
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Scandinavian Swimmers
These soft and chewy gummies are sweet, sea creature-shaped, and naturally colored with fruits and veggies.
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1000 Day Gouda
Trader Joe's 1000 Day Gouda is a must for gourmet cheese lovers on a budget.
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Sliced French Brioche
Our french toast game will never be the same again.
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Pumpkin Cream Cheese
Spread this seasonal specialty on a toasted bagel — or kick things up a notch and use it for frosting a batch of homemade pumpkin bread.
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Salt & Pepper Pistachios
Sometimes all you need is simply some salt and pepper on a snack to go nuts for it.
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White Cheddar Corn Puffs
TJ's take on a certain cheesy, corn puff classic is just as crunchy and damn delicious — but with a prettier price point.
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Mediterranean Hummus
This hummus nails a savory combo of smooth garbanzo beans, crunchy pine nuts, and a zesty mixed-spice topping.
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Green Dragon Hot Sauce
Made with tomatillos, jalapeños, cilantro, garlic, habaneros, vinegar, and a little lime juice; This TJ's hot sauce classic is tangy, sweet, and spicy.
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Organic French Roast Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
TJ's cheap cold brew concentrate is making our Monday morning game strong.
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Chocolatey Cats Cookies
Forget animal crackers, TJ's Chocolatey Cats Cookies (*Note: For people) are where it's at.
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Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches
We can't decide what we love most about this sandwich; the brownie or the coffee ice cream?
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"This Apple Walks Into A Bar" Cereal Bars
TJ's take on a sweet and cinnamon-y apple pie — in breakfast bar form.
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Handsome Cut Potato Fries
Salty, restaurant-quality fries at your finger tips — thanks, Trader Joe's.
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Roasted Plantain Chips
Plantains are actually a vegetable — not a banana as we may have previously assumed. But we'll still be dipping this salty-crunchy TJ's chip take in a spoonful of creamy nut butter.
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Apple Blossoms
Fool your friends with these "fresh baked" apple blossoms — soon to be your freezer's best kept secret.
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Kitchen Sink Dunkers
Our favorite dunkable TJ's cookies get a kitchen sink makeover with raisins, pecans, and sunflower seeds in addition to the usual chocolate chunks.
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Unsweetened Matcha Green Tea
No need to drop $$$ at pricey cafés this summer — just scoop up your matcha from TJ's for 99 cents a can.
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Chocolate Babka
TJ's babka is the bomb dot com; extra chocolatey with an ooey-gooey interior.
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Pepperoni Pizza Mac & Cheese Bowl
Two of our favorite comfort dishes combined.
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Simply Nutty Bars
These snack bars come in three different crave-worthy flavors: dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt; dark chocolate, peanut and almond; and dark chocolate, walnut, peanut, fig and date. Simply take your pick.
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Triple Créme Brie
At $6.99 a pound, this trifecta of creamy-dreamy brie is a must buy.
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Chocolate Chip Dunkers
Half chocolate chipper, half chocolate dunker — these cookies make for the perfect milk submerging vessels. Bon voyage!
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Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend
Now true bagel loyalists can everything bagel, everything.
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Whole Grain Crispbread
A TJ's cracker classic — spread these crispbreads with a hefty smear of brie and fig butter.
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Sriracha Seafood Potstickers
Seafood plus Sriracha in potsticker form equals TJ's gold.
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The ultimate power couple of sauces: soy and teriyaki.
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Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix
Because why make regular old pancakes or waffles when you can make a hot batch of TJ's pumpkin?
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Coffee Flour
We're thinking of whipping up some coffee chocolate chip cookies, coffee cupcakes, coffee scones, and coffee coffee cake — just to name a few.
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Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Forget Entenmann's, TJ's crumbly cinnamon coffee cake is where it's at this a.m.
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Fig & Olive Crisps
These crackers are the perfect combo of savory-sweet — and go well with just about any TJ's cheese (we dig them with the cow's milk blue).
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Mango Sorbet
The mangos in this sweet sorbet come sourced all the way from down under in North Queensland, Australia.
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Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Swirl
Classic TJ's Cookie Butter — plus a chocolatey cocoa swirl.
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Belgian Butter Almond Thins
Any product described as having "all-butter" is a product we'd like to purchase.
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Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip
Non-dairy ice cream lovers rejoice — TJ's "Soy Creamy" is so creamy.
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Vanilla Eclairs With Chocolate Fondant
There's never a bad time to heat up what is basically a French Boston cream pie doughnut shaped like a deep-fried hot dog.
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Oven-Baked Cheese Bites
These gluten-free crunchy snacks are packed with a blend of Grana Padano and semi-aged cheese from Italy.
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Golden Spiced Milk Chocolate Bar
This isn't your OG milk chocolate bar — bite into a hint of spice with crispy crunches of coconut and quinoa.
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Black Bean & Jack Cheese Burrito
TJ's 10 oz. burrito is packed simply with black beans and Monterey Jack cheese for your accoutrement-ing pleasure (i.e. guacamole, salsa, sour cream, sautéed veggies, etc.).
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Buttermilk Pancake Mix
You'll never need to make flapjacks from scratch again.
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Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam
Serve this savory spread with your next charcuterie board — or upgrade any sandwich with a hefty slather.
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Garlic & Herb-Stuffed Brie
Just when we thought brie cheese couldn't be any more decadent, TJ's stuffs it with garlic and herbs.
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Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins
TJ's recommends serving these delicate thins with mango sorbet or melted marshmallows sandwiched in between...Yes.
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Somewhat Spicy Dill-Flavored Kettle Cooked Chips
For those who like a little heat, but can't handle spicy (oh, and love pickles) — these "somewhat" chips have you covered.
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Organic Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce & Marinade
If you like your BBQ more sweet than tangy, then this Kansas City-style sauce is just what the southern-condiment-doctor ordered.
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Nutty Seedy Fruity Bar
Chocked full of enough nuts, seeds, and fruits to satisfy our inner squirrels for the winter.
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Avocado's Number Guacamole To Go
What can only be called the GOAT food invention — portable, individually-sized, guacamole packs.
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Peppermint Joe-Joe's Ice Cream
Our favorite Joe-Joe's cookies in frosty-mint form.
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Molten Macarons
Lava cake meets macaron — thus a TJ's frozen dessert star is born.
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Partially Popped Popcorn
TJ's take on the fan-favorite Pipcorn — with more buttery and sea salty goodness, of course.
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Wild King Salmon Jerky
Forget beef jerky, salmon jerky is where it's at.
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We won't say what famous cookie these TJ's treats are based off of — but yes, they are just as delicious.
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Cheddar Rocket Crackers
These rockets blow Goldfish out of the snacking atmosphere.
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Jalapeño & Honey Chevre
Talk about sugar and spice — this goat's milk cheese strikes the perfect balance.
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Speculoos Cookies
These cinnamon-sugary cookies are the perfect dunking apparatus for your beverage of choice.
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Traditional Tunisian Harissa
You don't need to shop at a specialty store for authentic Harissa — just pop over to TJ's for a jar of this spicy sauce.
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Apple Pie Cheddar Cheese
For those of you that consider cheese the only food group, this one covers a couple of bases.
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3 Cheese Wafers
These delightfully thin crackers are packed with cheddar, parmesan, AND mozzarella.
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PB&J Bar
Keep one of these bars in your bag for any anytime snack.
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Sweetened Dried Orange Slices
TJ's has a great assortment of dried fruit and we love when there's a new addition to the mix.
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Hass Avocado Oil
Olive oil's new, trendy cousin avocado oil is here.
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Chile Lime Seasoning Blend
This spice blend is good on everything. Try it on fish, chicken, or even watermelon!
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Mango Sorbet Bon Bons
These mini frozen treats hit the spot on a hot, summer day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Uncured Bacon Jam
No explanation needed. We've been putting this new savory product on EVERYTHING.
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Raw Almond Butter
TJ's raw almond butter is the same price as its regular counterpart, but packs double the flavor.
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Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal
Because sometimes we want breakfast to start as a blank canvas.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Lemon Meringue Tart
Nothing beats a $5 fancy-looking dessert that you can stash in the freezer.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's
Seafood Paella
Seafood paella might seem like the last thing you'd ever want to buy from the frozen foods aisle, but somehow Trader Joe's pulls it off.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's
Sweet Onion & Bacon Vinaigrette
We love our veggies, but we love them even more when they're topped with this bacon-y dressing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese
Trader Joe's frozen mac & cheese options are so good we've got two of them in here. Hatch chiles add a smokey heat to this delectable version.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Milk Chocolate Crisps
Chocolate that you can essentially eat like a potato chip? Yes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Crispy Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookies
The only unfortunate thing about these perfectly crisp cookies is that it's really easy to eat 3/4 of the bin without even noticing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Edamame Hummus
Okay, so if we're being honest, we love all of Trader Joe's hummus flavors. The three-layer hummus is genius, right? But we'd never tried edamame hummus before this product, and it's so good.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars
These might actually be our favorite TJ's product. They're only around in the winter for a brief stay on store shelves (they go really quick), but we swear they're better than Thin Mints.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Frozen Black Bean & Cheese Taquitos
Anyone else grow up on these? They are the essential after-work or after-school snack, because you can eat a couple or make a meal out of them
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix
We're not usually fans of drinks that start as a powder, but this chai latte mix is just as good as what you would buy at your local coffee shop, except you don't have to leave the house.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
BBQ Chicken Pizza
All of Trader Joe's frozen pizzas are good, but there's something about BBQ sauce, red onions, and gouda over a doughy crust.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Chile Spiced Mango
If we had room, we would have put all of Trader Joe's dried fruit options in this slideshow. They have every single fruit imaginable (where else can you find dried tangerines?!), but these spicy mango pieces are truly something special.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Hold The Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones
Perfect for when you just want a little dessert or, you know, a bunch of little desserts.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter
Trader Joe's helped start the cookie butter trend, so it only makes sense that it now carries the product in multiple flavors and forms. However, the original will always be our true favorite.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Unexpected Cheddar Cheese
Unexpected is right! This cheddar tastes as if it comes from a fancy cheese shop, but at TJ's it's super-cheap.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Tarte D’Alace
Trader Joe's has the best frozen options out there, especially when it comes to apps, and this cheesy flatbread is no exception.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Balsamic Glaze
This thick, rich balsamic sauce takes marinades and salad dressings to the next level.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Frozen Tikka Masala
We actually prefer the chicken tikka masala, but the paneer and vegan options are great, too. Not only are they delicious, but they're also so much cheaper than takeout.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Cilantro & Chive Yogurt Dip
Warning: Once you try this dip, there's no going back to your generic supermarket brand.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Spinach Tortellini
Sure, every supermarket sells a version of tortellini, but these guys are ridiculously cheap and they're ready in three minutes, which is more than we can say about 99% of our post-work meals.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Spicy, Smoky, Peach Salsa
The name of this salsa says it all, because it really is spicy, smoky, and sweet. It's much more exciting than your typical supermarket options of mild, medium, or spicy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Gone Bananas!
Trader Joe's has no shortage of bite-size treats, but these are perfect when you need something sweet at the end of a long day. Plus, at least you're getting some potassium with that chocolate!
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes
Pancakes are one of those foods you wouldn't think would freeze well, but once again Trader Joe's proves us wrong. Stacks on stacks on stacks, with no effort whatsoever, sounds pretty good to us.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Gummy Tummies Penguins
These are definitely meant for kids, but who can resist an adorable gummy penguin?!
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Green Olive Tapenade
We love when condiments can do triple duty as a spread, a marinade, and a dip, and this flavorful marinade does just that.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Mochi Ice Cream
All of Trader Joe's mochi flavors are great, but the fact that they made a seasonal pumpkin pie version exemplifies why TJ's is our all-time favorite grocery store.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Savory Thin Mini Crackers
Yes, these are just plain crackers, but somehow they are mighty tasty. You'll just have to try them and see.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Candy Cane Joe-Joe's
Regular Joe-Joe's are good and all, but these seasonal peppermint-frosting-filled cookies are even better. They're definitely a cult favorite, though, so if you see them, stock up.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Dark Chocolate Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups
These are basically the evolved version of peanut butter cups. Try them frozen — trust us.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Chicken Tikka Samosas
You can't go wrong when combining two of our favorite Indian food dishes into one essential bite.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Roasted Seaweed Snack
It looks simple, but roasted seaweed is one of the best healthy snacks out there. Plus, you can make all kinds of fun "wraps." The possibilities are endless.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Corn and Chile Salsa
Another one of our favorite tomato-free salsas. We would eat this with pretty much anything, and it's great as a salad dressing, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Frozen Mac & Cheese
Mac & cheese is definitely one of our freezer staples, and this version is way better than a stovetop box.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Multi Grain Croissants
Croissants are another one of those foods that you wouldn't expect to freeze well, but TJ's has proved us wrong once again.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Cheese And Green Chile Tamales
As one R29 staffer aptly explained, "If you steam them for exactly 13 minutes, you will taste the truth."
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Fig Butter
We put this stuff on everything.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons
Every time we make these, we end up doing double microwave duty because we always want more.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Frozen Quiches
We couldn't pick just one frozen quiche to feature, because we love them all.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Pretzel Slims
What's better than regular pretzels? Chocolate-covered pretzels, of course! And we love the flat texture of these.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers
With these crisps, you don't even need cheese to go with your crackers. Although it never hurts to put even more cheese on top.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Parmesan Pastry Pups
Just when we thought pigs in a blanket couldn't get any better, TJ's added parmesan.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Greek Honey Yogurt
We mix honey into Greek yogurt anyway, so this flavor does the work for us.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan Dip
It might sound a little odd, but once you try this dip, it'll be your new go-to snack.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Tempting Trail Mix
Forget chocolate chips — peanut butter chips make this trail mix crave-worthy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Triple Ginger Snaps
These gingery cookies feel like a holiday party in your mouth.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Fruit Leather
These make for a great snack no matter how old you are!
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
You really can't go wrong with cheese-and-spinach-stuffed filo dough, and these manage to stay crispy on the outside despite the fact that they're frozen.
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Popcorn In A Pickle
Yes, it sounds really weird, but if you're a fan of pickles and popcorn separately, you have to try this seemingly odd snack.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Mini Cinnamon Sugar Churros
One of Trader Joe's latest products has quickly become a fan favorite. These mini-churros are a perfect snack to keep stashed in your freezer for anytime you're in need of an impromptu sweet treat.
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