These Were The Most Beloved Trader Joe's Products Of 2017

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When the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2018, people all over the country threw up their hands, breathed a huge sigh of relief, and said, "finally, that terrible year is over." Since then, we've done all we can to leave 2017 in the past. However, Trader Joe's just reminded us that there were a few good things about 2017 that are worth remembering.
Among all the BS last year brought, there were so many Trader Joe's products that filled us up, satisfied our sweet teeth, wet our whistles, perked us up, and spiced up our lives — you get the picture — and now, TJ's is honoring the best of them. Recently, the grocery chain announced the winners of its 9th annual Customer Choice Awards.
To get the winning lineup, loyal customers voted for the products they enjoyed the most in 2017 in a variety of categories including best bakery item, best beverage, best condiment, and more. The chain also tallied votes to decide the best over all.
In addition to announcing its most beloved products, Trader Joe's also listed four runners-up in each category, so we can be sure to try many different favorites. The chain was sure to note in the official Customer Choice Awards announcement that every product listed may not be available at every store location.
Sure, it might be healthy to leave some things in the past, but we're writing all these items down on our eternal grocery list with plans to throw them in our baskets during 2018 grocery store runs. Take a look ahead to see which products made it to the top in 2017. If you keep up with the Customer Choice Awards each year, you may notice a few returning champs, new comers, and even some dark horses. Let us know in the comments if these items match up with your favorites.

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