These 10 Seltzers Taste Like Summer Incarnate

PSA: Summer is halfway over. If you too are wondering how the hell we ended up here so fast and if it's actually possible to slow these days down, the answer is: We have no idea. We aren't exactly sure what happened between what seems like yesterday (Memorial Day Weekend) and today — surprise it's almost August. Since we also don't know how to physically stop summer from tragically expiring, we've decided on the next best approach: to bottle it up and sip it for the remaining 58 days.
Summer in a bottle or can can be savored with an array of seasonal flavors from sparkling water brands. Are you going to miss biting into a slice of juicy watermelon? There's a seltzer for that. What about blueberry picking on the weekends, or grabbing a cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade? You can crack open cans of those, too. From tropical coconuts and kiwis to fresh-picked strawberries and raspberries, the ten sparkling waters ahead have all our favorite summertime flavors preserved for enjoyment — minus the September expiration date.
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