Looks Like Hard Seltzer Advent Calendars Are A Thing Now

Everything in moderation. One thing at a time. Little by little. Less is more. These are the mottos that ground the logic behind an alcohol advent calendar: you get to try everything, one day at a time, over a long period of time. Yet, there’s something about a hard seltzer advent calendar that tempts us to go all out with a bacchanalian seltzer party.
A company called Give Them Beer hand-picked the twelve best cans of hard seltzer for a one big holiday-appropriate package. Bubbly booze titans like Truly’s, White Claw, and Bon & Viv are all represented, as well as more obscure options like Corona and newcomer Mike Swell’s take on alcoholic seltzer. Luckily, this box does not include Four Loko’s life-ruining version of hard seltzer. (With 14% ABV, it’s quite possible the hardest seltzer on the market.)
Spiked and hard seltzers took over our summertime libations; they came with us to the beach, showed up at cookouts, and kept us hydrated and chill during mating season. But we still don’t know how this beverage will survive in pumpkin spice season, and eventually, the holidays. 
But for under $60, this box is perfect for  counting down the last twelve days to Christmas – or for having a spiked seltzer party, who’s keeping track? Starting November, the calendars  will be available to ship nationwide (barring states with tighter alcohol sale laws) for just $15. The holidays are a season for indulging in some bubbly, why not change it up this year?

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