Speak Up: Michael Mercanti's Speech Jewelry Line Has a Mouth on It

Yeah, it's a little ballsy to call your debut line something as all-encompassing as "Speech" and, what's more, to proclaim that you've created, "not just a jewelry line but a lifestyle," based only on a handful of necklaces. But Torontonian Michael Mercanti has done just that, with some of the design muscle to back it all up. His debut collection of handmade jewelry features statement pieces (if not all of speech and verbal communication) crafted from feathers, onyx beads, silver pendants, and anchor charms dangling off long antique chains and delicate safety pins. The line will certainly appeal to both genders. Our favorite piece is a simple wooden necklace that strings short logs of unvarnished light wood alongside black-painted ones. If what you wear is supposed to say something about you, Speech speaks volumes.

For more information go to www.ssspeech.com.

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