Some Interns Make Reality, Ours Make Jewelry

Believe it or not, we've been around long enough to spawn jewelry designers. So try to bear with us while we gloat/sing the praises of Langoliers, an awesome new jewelry line from one our own, Pamela Liou. Back when we knew Pam, she was just a talented intern who we happily allowed to experiment with design (as long as we got to sample the spoils). Nowadays her gorgeous line of unique knit pieces is turning more than just our heads, especially since being picked up by Oak. The name comes from a Stephen King novel, in which langoliers are little monsters made of old hair and teeth (kind of cute and creepy, no?). And the most surreal part is that these delicate, handwoven, brass-and-knit goods are all priced at $92-$110. Amazing, right? The collection drops in Oak stores this month, so hustle to get your's before her star really takes off.


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