Hello, Sick Summer Ride! Venice-Based Solé Makes Every Flavor Bicycles

You know that little jolt of happiness you get while choosing your favorite flavor and toppings combo at your neighborhood froyo spot? We totally get it — there's something just special about honing in on your own taste and style, and that's why we did a happy dance when we saw the new summertime offerings from Venice-based bicycle crafters, Solé Bicycle Company. The company's range of fun, punchy offerings lets you chose a ride that will complement your personality.
Launched back in 2009 by two USC best friends, Solé Bicycle Company makes rides for the fashion-minded peddler. Their high-performance fixed gears come in tons of color options, from minty fresh to all-black to a gold-accented, crisp white. To be sure, they'll turn that beachside cruise or quick trip to the market into one impressive fashion statement. Click through to view some of their summer styles, currently available for pre-sale!
Photos: Courtesy of Solé Bicycle Company.