Move Over Kristen Wiig, SNL Has A New Funny Girl

There's a new kid in town — Saturday Night Live has hired a new female comic! Having worked with the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Big Gay Sex Show, Kate McKinnon is in fact, well, gay, making her the first openly lesbian actor on this weekly late-night show. But that doesn't mean you should expect her to play over-the-top sketch characters like Mango or Stefon any time soon.
We think she's hilarious and the perfect way to breathe new life into SNL. Kate's been on Funny or Die and UCB Comedy, and you can see her funny girl stunts for yourself here.
We're looking forward to her big debut this Saturday, but the question is: Is she replacing another fave? Our fingers (and toes) are crossed it's not Kristen Wiig. (SFist)
Photo: Via SFist

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