Are You Using The Wrong Skin-Care Products?

A good skin-care routine is like a good friend: tough to find, but once you’ve got one, you can’t imagine your life without them. So, when you’re asked to part with said routine, even for one day, it can (understandably) cause some serious anxiety. Now, consider for a moment giving up your products for a week.
Scary thought, we know. Because of that fear, it's insanely easy to fall into a product rut and figure those products are ideal for your complexion. But, what if your perfect-skin solution is actually hiding in a bottle you wouldn't normally have given a second glance?
We asked six brave souls to test this theory. Turns out, there’s a lot more that goes into giving up your favorite skin-care routine than you’d think. Sure, we expected some havoc — whether it be in the form of epic epidermis freak-outs or desperate bargaining on the part of our guinea pigs volunteers. But, we also had a few surprises and changes of heart, including a gal who fears oils scrubbing with them daily, another who pared down her half-dozen-long product list to a mere three bottles, and one gallant male who took on the routine of a woman.
So, before you completely rule out a cleansing routine that's the opposite of your own, have a read over our results. You may be surprised by what we found — and you might even be inspired to cheat on your products. We promise not to tell.

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