NYC’s 21 Most Eligible Bachelorettes

As the temps drop in NYC, it seems that couples get, well, couple-ier. And, while there's something sweet about all that hot-cocoa sipping, fall-foliage viewing, scary-movie hand-holding relationship stuff, we want to take a second to applaud the independent ladies that keep our city so inspiring. This is their moment. We found 21 of the Big Apple's most eligible babes — each one is successful, funny, vibrant, beautiful, and best of all (listen up you potential suiters!)...single.
So, we did as we do, and booked them for quick photo shoots and Q+As, to discuss all things love, life, and dating in Gotham City. Ever the matchmakers, we also scored the inside tips on what makes them tick, what not to do on a first date, and, of course, where to go if you want to "coincidentally" run into them and score those digits. As for that whole hand-holding thing? Well, if you want to interlace fingers with these impressive women, you're gonna have to make like Manhattan and act fast.