Sincerely Jules Falls In Love At Neiman Marcus

Really, can you blame us for crushing on Julie Sariana, the petite, punchy blogger and stylist behind Sincerely Jules? Don't even try. Perfect boho style, great legs, and great photos of great eateries always equals love in our book. So, when our L.A. Editor, Kate Mulling, decided to take a drive to the Topanga Neiman Marcus, she stuffed Jules in her trunk (along with the blogger's favorite credit cards —Neiman Marcus is now accepting Visa and Mastercard—how convenient), and set her loose on the sales floor just for fun (Kate has an odd idea of fun.) Our lil' crush found some obsessions of her own — a hip leather dress, wine-colored lipstick, and a leather hand-held purse. In the end, we had to physically separate her from a massive red handbag. It wasn't pretty. But the stuff she charged at the checkout counter? Well, that was beautiful.

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