Rad or Bad? White Socks On the Street, High Class or Gym Class?

Though socks with sandals are still a point of contention, it seems like wearing something under your boots are usually a fashion do. However, when it comes to socks, the bleach-white, athletic variety are usually relegated to gym-wear and only that. However, we've been seeing the little guys peeking above ankle boots during last week's shows. We guess the toughness of the boot gets a little lighthearted lift from the twee socklets, but we're wondering if we're only into the look because we actually enjoyed P.E. back in the day. So, we're asking you—should you go ahead and don bright whites, or do these socks need to go back to the bench?
Above, from left: Erin Wasson x RVCA spring '10, image from Style.com.
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