Do You Belong In L.A. Or NY?

Angelenos: It's our time to shine. What we already know to be true — that our city is straight-up awesome — has been confirmed over and over as of late. The New York Times, for instance, recently wrote a piece on how our "booming creative class" is drawing hordes of New Yorkers yearning for our laid-back mentality and supportive culture. First there was Bey and Jay, then Tom Ford jumped on board, choosing to hold his fall 2015 show in the City of Angels back in February. Dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker Lena Dunham also took the plunge and bought a home here. And, it's not just New Yorkers who are clamoring to get a piece of the L.A. pie; British heavyweight Burberry threw a massively star-studded party here just last month. But, do you really belong in L.A.? For those who already live here, this quiz should simply affirm what you already know. And, for those who don't call our city home, we dare you to take it and see whether you should be among our next creative recruits.