Rad Or Bad: The Diaper-Cut Jort

We've seen plenty of fashion trends go to daring extremes. There have been ankle-spraining Alexander McQueen heel heights and Comme des Garçons exaggerated, oversize silhouettes. But, there's one seasonal trend we consistently see being taken to the littlest limits: jorts. We're talking ultra-high-cut, unabashedly revealing ones. One might call them denim diapers.
Short shorts are nothing new. And, who isn't guilty of zipping into a super-leggy rise now and again? But, when a pair is so high-cut it looks more like granny panties than trimmed-up pants, has it entered a whole new category? If so, the 30 jean shorts ahead stand (scantily) on their own.
Complete with extra shredding, acid wash, and pockets that can hardly be contained inside frayed hems, the shoppable slides ahead are an invite to partake in the cheeky (you know which kind) trend. If not, click through for a few possible answers to this age-old question: Who wears short shorts?