Channeling: Shirley Manson's Goth-Vixen Vibe

She made it cool to be happy only when it rains. Thanks to her, girls everywhere used words like "burgundy", "cranberry" and "really really red" to describe their ideal hair color. Shirley Manson defined the '90s vixen, with that Scottish brogue that managed to be sultry and empowering, all at once. Manson offered a dark (but not drab) aesthetic, next to PJ's indie sweetness, Courtney's messy riot grrl and Gwen's sunny-in-So-Cal vibe. The hair is a given, but Manson's uniform inspired a legion of fans to invest in combat boots, black tights, mod dresses, and heavy eye makeup. And aside from ditching the mid-90s bob and updating her classic s**t-kickers, Manson's style has stayed delightfully consistent — in fact, we think she's only getting better with age.
So, for all you goth girls who aren't afraid to smile, click through to get your fill of Shirley Manson's perennial, bad-ass style.

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