This Turkish Line Will Become The Plus Girls’ Newest Obsession

Photographed by Leriam Gonzalez.
Many women above a size 12 have walked out of a store feeling let down — that one eye-catching piece doesn't even come in a size that fits. Some can shrug it off, accepting disappointment as a condition of having a fuller figure. Others prefer to take matters into their own hands, as Aysegul Ilter did.

Finding inspiration from her frustration, Ilter has designed the new plus line Shegul. Influenced by her curvy friends and her own experience working for cult fashion favorite Maiyet, she aspires to fill the gap she perceives in the market for high-quality, high-end clothing for women who wear above a size 10.

Shegul, for sizes 12 through 24, will have unique luxury prints informed by Ilter's world travels. Expect classic silhouettes with sleek, modern, and sometimes athletic-inspired touches, with a look reminiscent of street style stars. Click through to learn more about the designer behind the label and to see her debut collection, set to arrive next month.

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