19 NYC Secrets Even New Yorkers Don't Know

Photo: Daniel Cavazos/The Wooly.
When you're living in a city whose history dates back to the 1600s, every day is an opportunity to discover another mind-blowing piece of historical trivia. Many of New York City's secrets have been covered up and forgotten for decades, while the tourist hoi polloi zooms in on the more predictable attractions, such as the Empire State Building or Lady Liberty.
It's about time you give the the more strange and surprising of the city more thought. Many of these gems are hidden in plain sight: A Soho loft filled with nearly 300,000 pounds of dirt, for example — while others are so exclusive that most New Yorkers will never see them. From an abandoned subway station at City Hall to a colonial African burial ground lost for almost 300 years, we've rounded up the city's most unbelievable, best-kept secrets.

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