12 Gorgeous Sites New Yorkers Rarely Visit (& How To Get In)

We all know New York is brimming with masterpieces of architecture and design, all you have to do is take a moment to look up. It's one of the things that New Yorkers — whether native or transplants — love most about living here. Beyond more obvious landmarks like the New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, and the stately museums lining upper Fifth Avenue, we're always on the hunt to seek out lesser known spots off the beaten path.
In a city that’s always reinventing itself, historic sites are constantly being reborn, and new places to explore are cropping up all the time. From a recently restored 19th-century bank to a peaceful campus modeled on Oxford University, we rounded up 12 awe-inspiring hidden gems bound to impress even the most jaded New Yorkers. Click ahead, and prep your itinerary.