Season 4 Of The Rachel Zoe Project Is Bound To Be Bananas

In the third season of The Rachel Zoe Project , we watched the celeb stylist-cum-reality stat struggle with pressures from her family and husband to have a baby, unsure of whether she was ready to put her career on hold to become a mother. Well, a lot has happened in a year, and, ready-or-not, the Zoe clan has welcomed a new addition—that's mah-jor! Catch a sneak-peek of The Rachel Zoe Project Season Four returning to Bravo on August 2, wherein the famous workaholic shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, Rachel Zoe takes multi-tasking to a new head-spinning level, juggling the launch of a new clothing line, dressing Anne Hathaway's multiple Oscar looks, and losing an assistant—all while she pregnant. We're going to miss baby-faced Brad, but we can't wait to see what baby Zoe brings to the show. Repeat after me: ba-na-nas. (Glamour)

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