Ultimate #TBT: The 25 Greatest Scrunchies Of All Time

To my great sadness as a '90s-raised girl, I never quite had enough hair to make the scrunchie work. The queens of my elementary school fixed their thick, curly hair in high, proud ponytails that sprouted, fountain-like, from the tops of their heads, secured with rainbow stacks of scrunchies: neon pink, aqua, and a super-special New Kids On The Block version (on which Jordan looked dreamy and Danny looked dead-eyed, as usual). But, my own pin-straight strands couldn't quite stand up to the scrunchie. If my thin, droopy ponytail had a theme song, it would have been sad trombones.
Still, my lack of lustrous mall hair did not stop me from loving the accessories — and apparently, I still have strong feelings for them, because when my coworker showed me Scrunchies of Instagram, I was mesmerized. Turns out, whether it's worn by Janet Jackson or Michelle Tanner, Cara Delevingne or Miley, the kind-of-sort-of-cool-again scrunchie is a thing of glory forever. So, for your scrolling pleasure, we rounded up the 25 most legendary scrunchie moments of all time to prove that everybody can (or should) scrunch. Get ready to feel things, and may your Caboodles overflow with scrunchies and Dep styling products forever.

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