Be BFFs With Refinery29 With Our Scosha Reserve Collection Friendship Bracelet

scosha-2Shop It Now Remember those swappable DIY bracelets we made for our neighborhood BFFs? Now imagine those all grown up, created with the same handmade attention to detail, but with some seriously adult additions (not to mention adult dexterity). The Refinery29 Reserve Collection approach to our favorite old-school accessory takes on the grade-school collectibles of the past, but with a stylish R29 twist. We turned to bracelet-braiding guru Scosha Woolridge to design a friendship bracelet set for all of our readers. Scosha knows lived-in luxe; Her jewelry has that effortless yet refined quality that makes it perfect for stacking or wearing solo. Imagine the Scosha + Refinery29 friendship bracelet to be our gift from us to you, and the perfect present for pals.
First things first: Did you braid friendship bracelets for your pals as a girl?
"As a girl, I was always braiding crazy patterns into everyone's hair at lunchtime. It wasn't until I began traveling that I started finding bits of cotton on the ground and tying them onto things and people."
You are our second Aussie on our Reserve collaboration list! What is so cool about the country down under?
"Kookaburras, beaches, bush, and hot Ozzie BBQs."
Why did you decide on a friendship bracelet for the Reserve Collection? Is it because you count R29 as one of your besties?
"You guys are definitely one of our besties, and we love R29!"
Okay, we won’t tell: What are you giving your best friend for Christmas?
"I'm flying to Australia and giving her a big kiss."
How did you teach yourself to braid and weave jewelry? When did you start?
"It really feels like I've been braiding forever... I learned weaving when I was in Brazil, and in 2002 at the Sand Dune Markets in Northern Brazil when I really began selling my woven pieces."
Let’s say you could only wear earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings (just one!) for the rest of your life. Which would it be, and why?
"It would have to be my wedding ring (which I designed), but if my fingers got chopped off, stacks of bracelets for sure."
What is a good way to layer pieces? Do you have any tips or tricks for readers?
"Start with your favorite item and keep adding in different colors textures and shapes. There is no wrong way to do it."

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