Suits‘ Sarah Rafferty Is Looking To Clooney For Prank Inspiration

srembedPhoto: Courtesy of PMK*BNC.
If you're a fan of Suits on USA Network (and let us just say, you should be), you know you can't mess with Donna. Her role on the show may be as Harvey's executive assistant, but she is so much more — a kind of modern-day Joan from Mad Men, if you will.
So, we were thrilled to catch up with Sarah Rafferty, who gives Donna her zest, at the Audi Golden Globes bash, to hear a little bit about cast dynamics and what we can look forward to in the remainder of Season 3.

What’s coming up on Suits?

"Well, you know we got a bit of an issue with Louis smelling something is not cool. He hasn’t found Mike's file, so you know there's going to be something pretty big. A lot of tension [with that], and Harvey is moving forward romantically, that kind of thing, with Scottie. Donna's kicked the other guy to the curb, so there's that."


Can we look forward to any romance between Donna and Harvey?
"I don’t know. I don’t know."

What will be Donna's focus when the show comes back?

"Oh, well I think Donna’s in recovery right now, but you know she’s a strong gal so I’m pretty sure she’s going to get over it fast and keep herself busy romantically. But, she’s going to busy with the whole Louis-being-onto-Mike situation. She’s always been incredibly protective over Mike."

Because of Harvey?
"Not just because of Harvey, but because I think she has the mother hen sort of sense about everyone in the firm. Even Jessica in a way, I think she would take a bullet for her, too. But, I think Mike is like her little brother."

Any funny on-set prank stories?
"It’s so funny, we're always asked about pranks, and I’m like, ‘Shoot, we don’t have a prankster.' Like, I need to become the prankster. I feel like I should send out Twitter messages like, 'What should I prank?' But, then it’ll be on Twitter, so it wouldn’t be a prank. I don’t know how to do it. I need some tips. Maybe I should up on George Clooney famous pranks. Or just dare one of the boys, like offer them payment. Like, ‘Rick — I’ll give you 100 bucks if you can pull it over on Gabriel.’”