Royal Wedding Coverage Continues With Reality-TV-Queen Kim Kardashian’s Engagement

It seems Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have stepped up just in time to fill the voyeuristic void that was left when Prince William and Kate Middleton drove off in their Aston Martin. This spring, the public became the amplified nosy-neighbor incarnate when it came to all things Royal Wedding, dying to know every detail—the more private the better. Now that NBA star Kris Humphries has recently popped the question to paramour Kim Kardashian, our post-Royal Wedding boredom has been displaced and our yenta tendencies are, once again, satisfied. From the many seasons of following the Kardashians' life on television, we feel like we know Kim personally and can't help but stick our noses in, digging for all the info from the over-the-top proposal to the planning, as if we were a giddy best friend. We're sure these reality-TV royals won't be as hush-hush as the Monarchs, so get ready for a summer filled with play-by-play pre-nuptial deets. (E!Online)