4 Oldie Trends That Are Really Cool Now

If there is one truth about trends, it's that they, much like Cher, always make a comeback. To wit: Flares had their moment; now, boot cuts are swooping back in (seriously!). Then, there are the gems of our youth, long ago cast off as distant memories to look on every once in a while for nostalgia's sake. But were we too quick to pack away our precious pin collection, too hasty about putting our impressive patch collection in storage? Yes, kiddos, it's time to start digging through boxes. This year — at Fashion Week and beyond — we've seen the glorious return of trends we knew, loved, and absolutely owned way back when. Now, we don't have to use #TBT as an excuse to don our chunkiest gym class sneakers. Turns out, we were ahead of the game all along. Click through for our favorite oldie trends that are (finally) making a comeback.