Refinery29’s Halloween Stars: Sarah Sophie Flicker, Perennial Showgirl

Short on inspiration for Halloween this Friday? Refinery29's favorite people share their best and worst trick-or-treating moments to help you prepare for the holiday in style.
Sarah Sophie Flicker, Performer, Citizens Band—Showgirl extraordinaire.
What's the best costume you've ever had?
I don't feel like I've ever had a truly great halloween costume. Jorjee (from the Citizens Band) always says that, "Halloween is for amateurs." I dress up a lot for the Citizens Band and just in general, so by the time that Halloween rolls around, I sort of just throw on a showgirl costume and hit the road!
What's the best costume you've ever seen?
My friend Susanna Howe always gets people to do group costumes, those are always my favorite. There's nothing like seeing 20 people coordinated in to a gang of mimes or French intellectuals.
What's your favorite Halloween candy?
I kinda hate candy—unless it's black licorice, but no one ever gets that out at Halloween.
Most absurd "sexy" costume imaginable:
Sexy Sarah Palin?&hellip Yuck!
Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
Do Citizens Band malfunctions count. Every show there are a lot of boobs falling out of old, disintegrating costumes… always.
Do you have any costume pet peeves?
Those T-shirt that say what the costume is on it… blah!
Do you have any plans for this year?
About 150 of us are going to Cleveland, Ohio to get out the vote with the Obama campaign. My daughter is 1 1/2 and so she's going to be Mary Poppins and we are going to be a gang of chimney sweeps! Watch out, Cleveland! Chim chiminee, chiminee, chim-chim charoooo!!!

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