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The Party Dress Trends You’ll See Everywhere

Party invitations are piling up, but we can no longer convince ourselves that, with the right sparkly top, black skinny jeans fit any going-out dress code. For a White Elephant party or high school reunion drinks, sure, but for the office holiday fête or a New Year's Eve packed with dancing? Maybe not. So it's time to shift gears and focus on the oft-neglected (but incredibly fun) special-occasion section of our closets. Celebrities play this cocktail-attire-or-fancier game all the time, and we can cull all kinds of holiday-ready tricks from them.
Celebrities' sartorial choices eventually sway trends one way or another, and inform the styles we'll be seeing everywhere in a few months' time. This year, famous folks have given us a wealth of inspiration to break out during the holiday season, like the rise of the pencil dress and formal turtleneck, as well as the comeback of the power suit.
Now that it's party-dress crunch time, we're pulling out all the tips and tricks we've learned (okay, co-opted) from celebrities. Ahead, check out the five trends that have stood out from recent glamorous Hollywood affairs, and shop similar styles that'll surely suit the events dotting your calendar this month.