The History Behind Fashion’s Most Popular Trends

As unique as your personal style may be, chances are, you're not the first to wear the go-to items in your closet — not even close. And, you don’t need to wait for your grandmother to tell you so. Instead, we attempted to trace some of today's most popular wardrobe must-haves back to their origins. Little did we know we'd end up in the 1300s.
Our clothing's history is long and complex, and the tenacity of certain styles is totally mind-boggling. Just ask your eldest aunts, who might have been in their 30s when sports bras were finally created, then lived to see TLC wear them on the red carpet. Or, consider that your favorite winter turtleneck traces back to the uniforms of Medieval knights. Puts that Céline funnel-neck sweater you've been eyeing in a whole new light, does it?
Ahead, we're taking a deep dive into the ancestry of five pieces of clothing you already own. And, from here on out, you’ll never look at them in the same way again.   

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