Watch Ralph Lauren's 4D Madison Avenue Light Spectacle

Target did something similar back in July, but, Ralph Lauren being Ralph Lauren, we knew this experience was going to be something extra special. The feat in question? A 4D Ralph Lauren light spectacle projected on the new RL store at 888 Madison Avenue. Thousands of tech geeks mingled with uptown fashion folk and forgot the cold last night as they watched the boutique's façade play home to illusions of models, Polo players, and lots and lots of Lauren goodies—four stories tall—making their way down Madison Avenue, Avatar-style. Polo, one of the brands that has been heavily experimenting with combining fashion with technology and social media, seems to have jumped to the head of the pack—the seven minute presentation used a radical approach to architectural mapping for a sensory experience that jolted even the most jaded of editors. While a lot of fashion companies have been playing the technology card, we think this "event" was worth the hype. Peep below to see why it qualifies as the real deal.

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