30 Of New York’s Coolest Moms Talk Raising Kids In The City

Raising children in New York can be quite the whirlwind. Many claim it's a terrible idea, citing the lack of space, scarcity of greenery, and/or the city's potential classification as "a sprawling cesspool of failure and falafel."
Like most other trials in the city (apartment hunting, career success), NYC motherhood is certainly not a feat for the faint of heart. But, as these 30 powerful women prove, it can be one of the most rewarding life decisions. The exposure to an endless array of cultures, the access to art, language, and history, and the simple daily nuances that make people fall in love with New York can make for an unrivaled and fulfilling childhood.
Some people move to the suburbs when they have kids; others embrace city life for all it has to offer. Ahead, some of New York's coolest moms share why they wouldn't raise their children anywhere else.