The Best Rainy-Day Outfits For Your City’s Definition Of A Downpour

You wake up, roll over, grab your phone, and check the forecast. That little rain cloud pops up hour after hour and the humidity is through the roof — ugh. No matter where you live, dressing for a super rainy day is a chore, especially if you actually have to leave your bed and do grown-up human things, like go to work, run errands, or even just walk your dog. But, before you reach for the leggings, wellies, and oversized sweatshirt, try opting for a look that's a bit more polished, but practical, too. With the right pieces, you can stay dry all day and still look like you tried. Read on for fresh ways to dress for your city's definition of a downpour — so, the next time that dreaded rain hits, you'll be looking chic, not soggy. Miami
When Miami's weather is nice, it's really nice. But any Florida local will tell you that it's not all blue skies and wish-you-were-here postcard weather every day. Miami's downpours are hot, sticky, dark, and miserable, and yet, the sun can come back out at any moment. In order to be prepared for just about anything, having the right layers on hand can take you right back to the beach after waiting in the car for a storm to pass. A reflective, waterproof jacket keeps you dry, but never dorky, and a cute platform sandal will keep you high above the puddles. When the clouds part and the afternoon sun rolls around, strip off the jacket, grab your sunnies and tote, and head straight back to the boardwalk.
New York
Ah, the Big Apple, it's the city of dreams...until the rain, that is. Life doesn't stop when the skies open and nothing will have you questioning why you live in New York City like a good old-fashioned downpour — you know, the kind where your shoes are soaked through and your umbrella's useless. And yet, it's no excuse to look like an absolute train wreck, because you never know who you'll run into on your morning commute. Luckily, a pair of metallic platform loafers will keep your feet dry and a statement rain coat like this one from Hunter will have you legitimately excited for the rainy day when you get to wear it. Keep it comfortable with a pair of jeans in a culotte silhouette, and opting for some embroidery on this sweatshirt-disguised-as-top will make the look feel polished (even when you don't). A sleek leather crossbody will keep your iPhone dry, too.
It can be hard to keep your spirits up in a city this grey, nevermind your sartorial choices. But the easiest remedy for a rainy day is to cozy up and stay indoors — Netflix binge, anyone? Pleather joggers are a stylish alternative to sweatpants, especially when paired with a fashion-girl-approved graphic tee. Complete the look with a pair of statement slip-ons and you're golden. Oh, and if you forgot the popcorn and have to run out to the store, this jacket from Sacai will keep you looking edgy despite the uncool weather.
Los Angeles
Yeah, yeah, we know, L.A. has the best weather. But that doesn't mean the rain never makes an appearance. Sporadic storms can come an go in an instant and they won't stop you from running errands, brunching with friends, or partaking in some much-needed retail therapy. With some cute leggings, a colorful pair of New Balances, and a model-off-duty trench, the paps will be mistaking you for an A-lister left and right. Be sure to keep a cute umbrella in your car and you won't have to sacrifice your blowout just to run into Starbucks.
Summer is both the rainiest and the sunniest season in Chicago, so you never know what you might get. The key is to keep your outfit comfortable and breathable, without sacrificing shape or structure. The typical calf-height rain boots can cut you off in all the wrong places, so opt for a spunky ankle boot instead. Flexible skinny jeans and a structured shell top make for a flattering match, and a printed baseball cap solves the whole bad hair day issue. Again, outerwear for rainy days doesn't have to be boring or unsightly — this structured mesh jacket from Topshop is breathable, even when it's warm and muggy.