Rad Or Bad: New Line Debuts Blood-Splattered Shirts

With autumn in the air and Halloween on the horizon, we start to feel the need to dress less Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills, 90210 and more Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood. That’s why these pieces from Evie and Victor, the newly launched clothing line by designer Spencer Richardson, piqued our interest. Richardson’s line is inspired by stories he penned about “two affluent teens who embark on a Natural Born Killers-style road trip through the desert outside of Los Angeles.” Now, we’re firmly against violence, but the clothing—featuring hand-beaded bullet holes and “blood”-splattered blouses—strikes us as more campy than creepy. But tell us, are Evie and Victor’s pieces bloody stylish or is a bit too spooky to make their way into your wardrobe?
Photo: Courtesy of Evie and Victor