Rad or Bad: Would You Dare To Try Neon Dancercize Sneakers?

Lord knows, we love to dance and, sure, it's one of the most fun and effective ways to stay in shape (we've burned away many a vodka cranberry to Robyn's beats). But we're used to getting jiggy in heels or casual kicks, so dedicated athletic footwear for dancercizing is a tough sell. We admit, the high-tops in the new Bloch Dance Fitness Collection have everything that we would look for in an athletic dancing shoe and more – a lightweight, flexible structure, breathability, a specially engineered sole with a “spin spot” at the ball of the foot, the list goes on. We're even ready to stand up and say that their selection of neon-accented, '80s-style tennies have more style than most shoes we see in the gym. But this all begs some questions – are we looking for a dancing sneaker for our theoretical dancercize class? Would we wear these to the club? Hmm...they're probably not meant to be re-purposed. How about you folks – rad or bad?
Photo: Courtesy of Caro Marketing.

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