The Friends Style Easter Egg We ALL Missed

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
If you're reading this, we assume you're taking a quick break from your non-stop Friends marathon. But, we're about to give you a reason to start all over again. As Bustle discovered, there has been a little style secret lurking on your TV screen since 1994, courtesy of one Ms. Rachel Green. In a closer look at the sartorial choices of the sitcom's favorite Long Island-bred, Barneys-on-speed-dial, Ralph Lauren-employee-discount friend, Bustle noticed that Rachel was actually wearing a work uniform for the first few seasons of the show. As the illustrated investigative report points out, during Green's time waitressing at Central Perk, she often got the orders wrong, but her outfit was always on-point — and in sync with her coworkers (except Gunther, who, as the manager, was presumably free to wear as many loud ties as he wanted). Their ensembles consisted of a denim shirt and black bottoms, yet most of us only paid attention to Rachel and assumed she just loved blue-jean vests and chambray tops. Why does this come as a shock now? Well, firstly it's because thanks to NetflixFriends is a once again fresh in our minds. And, furthermore, as the style icon of the sitcom, Rachel was the least likely to go to adhere to something as basic as a work uniform. Joey, the actor; Monica, the chef; Chandler, the, erm, corporate guy? transponster? — they all had careers that dictated a certain wardrobe. Rachel was the fashion insider, the one whose closet was pure '90s gold, the one who inspired us to try menswear. And, now, as evidence shows, the one who tricked us into seeing past the uniform she was wearing for nearly three whole seasons. And, none of us die-hard Friends fans even batted an eye. Click the link for all the proof you need. (Bustle)   

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