Push/Pull Art And Cycling Celebrates Life From The Bike Seat

Bikes are one of the oldest, most enjoyable, and, well, greenest ways to get around. Space 15Twenty is hosting Push/Pull Art and Cycling, a show dedicated to these two-wheeled wonders, with photographs and artistic works from Michael Kim, Carly White, Dylan Haley, Asend TSF, and Aaron Kuehn. Of course, bikes can be works of art in themselves, so Flying Pigeon Bicycle Shop, FreqntFlyr, and Golden Saddle Cyclery will be showcasing their wares, as well, which will make you want to re-arrange your monthly budget so you can call one of their beauties your own. The show is up just until the end of the month, so make sure you stop by and get inspired to put a little more cycling in your life.
When: Now through Friday, September 30
Where: Space 15 Twenty, 1520 North Cahuenga Boulevard, (between West Sunset Boulevard and Selma Avenue); 323-465-1893.

Photo: Via Space15Twenty.com