15 Beach Essentials Straight From The Raddest Surfers

The beach has always been a wonderland enigma to this editor. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a surfer girl with curly, coppery-blonde hair (mine is essentially straight and black) and perfectly bronzed skin (I am see-through pale), who dances into the water with a board and a bikini.  

But, when I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii's North Shore to chill with some of surfing's elite at the Billabong Pipe Masters, I learned that being the surfer girl of my dreams takes a lot more than just looking the part. Besides having extreme patience — the girls somehow got me standing on a surfboard — they're cool, tough, and just plain badass. They've got skills as impressive as the stories that got them to where they are today. Read on for their trade secrets to living a rad life, both in and out of the water. 
Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Dombroski.
Felicity Palmateer
Age: 22
Hometown: Margaret River, Australia

On what she wishes someone told her when she first started surfing:
"Just to believe in yourself; [that] is the secret to success. You can make anything happen."

Felicity’s beach essentials: 
“I always use a glass water bottle, because plastic heats up and it’s really bad for you. Since it's important to keep hydrated, I keep at least a liter of water on me. And, an oversized beach towel is awesome — you can lay on it and there’s no sand, you can change behind it, and you can use it as a head wrap. It’s so versatile. At the moment, I’m really into halter-top swimsuits. I can wear it as a crop top to and from the beach.”
Alessa Quizon
Age: 21
Hometown: Makaha, HI

On being competitive: 
"I think that a lot of people do think that competitiveness isn’t cool in a woman, but it's just because of their idea of how a woman 'should' behave. Honestly, I think it's great that women are competitive. It shows that they have character. It's powerful. The reason why some people may get a little offended is because it is a bit intimidating. It's not a way of being cocky, it's just showing you're not afraid.” 

Alessa’s beach essentials:
“I usually bring really cute cheeky bottoms and triangle tops. I bring the reversible ones — if I’m going to be at the beach all day, but I don’t want it to look like I’ve been there all day, I’m just going to reverse them. Sunscreen is a must. I use Clarins face sunscreen because I have a skin color that doesn’t match with a lot. I use Deep and it makes my skin look more bronze... Leave-in conditioner is also very important for me, because every time I got in and out of the water, my hair gets really dry and salty.”
Lindsay Perry
Age: 26
Hometown: Satellite Beach, FL

On what she does when a guy tries to drop in on her wave: 
“That happens a lot. I usually will go right behind him and laugh and be like, ‘good one.” Or like, ‘sick!’ I’ll say something super-sarcastic. I’ll literally throw up a shaka and be like, “cool, guys!”

Lindsay’s beach essentials:
“If I’m at home in Florida, I can’t go anywhere without headphones. A good magazine is also really important for the beach. I really like Russh; that is probably my go-to. I like high-cut tops with criss-cross backs — that way you don’t have to worry about your boobs hanging out.”
Laura Enever
Age: 23
Hometown: Sydney, Australia

On dating as a pro surfer:
“There's no time for dating, really. I'm pretty much dating traveling; I'm dating all the cities I've never been to. I'm 23 years old and obsessed with seeing the world. I've been traveling since I was 12 years old, since I started competing. But, [I just started] traveling alone. This year, my goal is to watch as many sunrises and sunsets as I can, because it is humbling and gets you in the present moment in a way that nothing else does. It’s like, okay, this is it. This is life. There’s another day that’s gone, or started. It just puts you back in your place."

Laura’s beach essentials:
“I’m all about my beach bag. I’ve got a really cute Billabong one. It has a zipper on it, so there’s no sand that gets in it. Inside my bag, I have another little purse to keep all my essentials organized in. [I love the] Shiseido sunscreen compact foundation...it's SPF 30. I feel like the liquids are a bit too cloggy; the powder is lighter on the skin and feels nicer. It doesn’t feel like it’s suctioned on there, and you can’t move your face.”
Courtney Conlogue
Age: 22
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

On facing fears:
“I think it's just how you think about the fear. It's good to have fear. Fear could be used in the right ways; it's like nerves. When you're getting ready to do a speech, or you're getting ready to run your race, you always have nerves. It's how you utilize those nerves to help you perform better. For me, I get a huge adrenaline rush off of it, so it fuels me because I utilize it properly. So, I think it’s just about utilizing it as a strength."

Courtney’s beach essentials:
“My everyday standard is something to protect my face, like a big hat. I like cowboy hats, or big, floppy sun hats. When I’m in the tropics, I use the Billabong surf capsule jacket to protect my back from the sun and my stomach from rashes... Skin care and eye care are two things you should never cheat on. It’s worth investing in good glasses that are polarized and have UV protection.”

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