8 Workout Pieces That Need To Go—& What To Replace Them With

There’s nothing particularly motivating about stretched-out elastic and a too-old college T-shirt from a school you didn’t even go to. But often this (or some version of this) is the uniform even never-miss-a-6-a.m.-cardio-class kind of women can succumb to. While we're not suggesting that a gym outfit should require as much styling or attention as your 9-to-5 power ensemble, it is worthwhile to regularly upgrade the clothing you put through the wringer. And that goes for when you turn over a new leaf in January or when you get a second wind come spring.
It was Primark's line of clean, straightforward activewear that got us thinking our gear could use a boost. The styles are simple and practical, the colors are vibrant, and the handful of prints are pretty enough to be woven into outfits we'd stroll, not just sprint, in. Of course, stuffing your drawers is not ideal either, so ahead we've outlined eight reasons to say goodbye to the worn-out pieces of the past in order to make room for fresh fitness essentials. That is unless socks so saggy they fall under your heels when you move are something worth getting out of bed for? We didn't think so. Keep reading.

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