The Outdoor Girl's Guide To Fall Style

Photographed by Thomas Giddings.
There’s something to be said for mastering fall’s cozy, cabin-perfect layers. While they look most in their element basking in the glow of a campfire, we prefer pulling them off in true city-slicker fashion: paired with a b-ball cap, sneaks, and a hoodie for good measure.

We can thank Primark's debut stateside collection for welcoming the new season with this outdoor-meets-urban twist. The European brand's inspired pieces strike a balance between rugged and downtown by way of rich textures and uncomplicated styling, minus any outdoorsy clichés. And bestial coats and neutral sweaters with cheeky details keep the wilderness nod subtle while still giving off that warm and cuddly vibe. In case that's not reason enough to look forward to sweater weather, we've got seven ahead.

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