How To Pull Off Tube Tops When You're Plus-Size

There are so many rules when it comes to fashion, which is why we really enjoy breaking them. But going against outdated style tropes isn't always as easy as just pairing blue with black or wearing crop tops when you're told you shouldn't. There are a few rule-breaking items that are just difficult to master, like tube tops. No matter your body type, tube tops will find a way to cause some trouble. From the high-risk of a nip-slip to figuring out which bra will actually provide support sans-straps, trying out the returning tube top trend isn't for the faint of heart.
But while tube tops might be hard to get right, the resulting look is a reward well worth it. And no one is better equipped to help you master the art of tube tops than influencer Khloe Katera. We spoke to the model and YouTuber, in an effort to pinpoint how to successfully integrate tube tops into your wardrobe when you're plus-sized. Her number one piece of advice? "Try to step out of your comfort zone." Because when it comes to working a controversial clothing item into your outfit, sometimes you have to just go for it.
Ahead, Katera has the inside scoop on where to buy them, how to style them and most importantly, how to feel good wearing them. Everything a curvy girl needs to make tube tops her own is just a click away.
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