Secret Make-Outs Are Hot — Here’s Where To Have One

Photographed by Savana Ogburn.
What’s better than making out with someone you’re really into? Sometimes, the answer is doing more than making out. And sometimes, the answer is making out… secretly. Maybe you’re sneaking into the bathroom at a house party, taking a date-night detour into an empty park, or even parking your car at “Make-Out Point” for some heavy petting, movie-style. Whatever your tactic, an impromptu, semi-hidden make-out session can be super hot.
And while PDA can be fun, it also comes with some downsides. A 2016 study on “performative making out” found that while 37% of men and 32% of women had engaged in PDA, women were more concerned that others would judge them for making out in public. "These results... highlight gender differences consistent with problematic cultural belief systems such as 'slut shaming,’ victim blaming, and sexual double standards," the researchers said.
So not only is making out in secret hot, it’s also a way to make you or your partner feel more comfortable. And hey, what’s hotter than that? Read these tips from Reddit to get inspired to find a secret make-out spot of your own.

In an empty sauna

“I made out with a girl in the sauna. It was like 200 degrees in there.” (via Reddit)

In a dark movie theater

“With my ex in some cinema. She sat at my lap and we just stayed there, kissing like the world was about to end, so passionately, it was awesome.” (via Reddit)

In an empty room

“In the middle of a friend’s BBQ party during the day, a girl and I met and had instant chemistry. We danced a little and then dodged into a dark side room and spent hours making out.” (via Reddit)

In an empty hallway

“Me and my girlfriend had just started seeing each other a few weeks earlier, but it was still kinda secret (for reasons), and we were both invited to a mutual friend’s Halloween party. Most people were outside on the balcony when she arrived, so I pulled her into a nearby hallway and we proceeded to suck face for awhile.” (via Reddit)

In a parked car

“I drove her home after school, she seemed reluctant to get out of the car. I turned off the ignition and moved closer to her, and we talked about something (I forgot as this was several years ago, but probably something dumb about school). She moved closer to me and just looked at me with those bright blue eyes, and I stopped saying whatever I was saying and made the move.
“We had kissed but never really made out til then, so I was surprised that it kept going and going and going, but was very happy about it! Eventually she had to go inside, and I was left with my very first experience with blue balls. 10/10 though, would do it again.” (via Reddit)

Outside a building

"We were at an event, don't remember what. We'd been dating for about two months, I'd already made it clear I wanted to keep it discreet (too much PDA is icky to me, and yes, I am a prude). We were walking out of said event, trying to make arrangements to get food, when he catches my attention, pulls me aside, out of view, and lays one on me, hot and heavy. And then was all, 'You looked really great tonight, just wanted to let you know.' And then we joined up with the rest like nothing had happened." (via Reddit)

In a cornfield

“At an outdoor beer festival a girl I had just met and I went out to the cornfield to make out. It was a lot of fun.” (via Reddit)

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