Why You Should Add Neck Kissing To Your Makeout Repertoire

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
When you kiss someone, you don’t have to stick to their lips. While we wouldn’t suggest you ignore their mouth entirely, there are many other sensitive parts of the body that deserve some kisses, too. And although it all depends on the individual, many people enjoy having their neck kissed. It makes sense: the neck is a particularly sensitive area of the body, and it’s packed with nerve endings.
Neck kisses are great because not only do they feel good, they’re easily adaptable. You can kiss your partner’s neck from many different positions. You can stand behind them and tease them with neck kisses. You can make out face-to-face and move your mouth down to their neck. Many sex positions allow for easy access for neck kisses, too.
If neck kissing makes you feel like a vampire, you can start with just a quick, soft kiss to your partner’s neck while you catch your breath between French kisses. Or you can just embrace it and go full Dracula — vampire stories are pretty sexy, after all.

Start softly

Begin with a soft, gentle kiss instead of using your teeth immediately (unless you already know your partner is into that).

Pay attention to the nape

For many people, the nape of the neck — the spot at the back of your neck just below your hair — is a particularly sensitive spot.

Try different areas

Other good neck-kissing areas are the sides of the neck near the shoulder, or higher up on the neck below where the chin begins. Try kissing different areas of your partner’s neck to see which they like best.

Avoid hickeys... or embrace them

Sucking on your partner’s neck can be a turn-on, but if it goes on for more than a few seconds it could lead to a hickey. If you want to avoid hickeys, suck your partner's neck lightly and briefly, and don't suck the same location more than once. If your partner is fine with getting a hickey, though, suck as long and as hard as you both want.

Use your teeth… or don’t

Some people like to have their necks bitten, while others don’t. Start the bite gently and add intensity if your partner wants it — just don’t break skin.

Add variety

Change things up by kissing other areas of your partner’s body — such as their mouth, their collarbone, their shoulders, or their breasts or chest — in between neck kisses.

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