Makeout-Proof Hair & Makeup

Every year, without fail, the holidays spur a plethora of hookups. And, why wouldn’t they? The season is magical enough, but when you add some booze, a few romantically lit parties, and mistletoe into the mix, it’s bound to happen. But, while we’re all for a steamy makeout session, we’re not exactly crazy about the aftermath.
Some people look hot post-hookup — guys, you have it easy — but there’s nothing sexy about smeared makeup and not-so-artfully disheveled tresses, which can take you from "hot" to "hot mess." So, what’s our primary goal? Well, it’s simple: We want to look just as fabulous after as we did before. For this, we turned to the experts.
Ahead, hairstylist Castillo and makeup artist Kristee Liu share their secrets to staying skillfully put-together through even the hottest rendezvous, as well as divulge some product favorites that have maximum staying power.
Click through to get the scoop on how to stay sexy all throughout hookup, err holiday, season.

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