The Best Vampire Movies Of All Time

Though vampires have taken a bow from their prime position as Hollywood’s favorite monster, for a while there, the world couldn’t get enough pale, sparkling creatures threatening to suck our blood. From True Blood to Twilight, vampire mania led to some of the steamiest scenes of self-control ever to air on TV screens.
While the glory vampire days of the mid 2000s have been replaced by zombie fever, don’t kid yourself: Vampires are eternal. These stone-cold monsters have been the subject of human fascination for centuries. Lurking above the petty human concerns of life, these immortal beings have time to amass libraries, fortune, and sex appeal. Consequently, vampires are pretty darn compelling protagonists. You want them on your screen, even if you don’t want them following you down dark cobblestone alleys.
So, for those of you mourning the loss of Bill Compton and Edward Cullen, watch these movies to sate your thirst for vampires.

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