7 New Yorkers Share The Craziest Places They’ve Had Sex In The City

In New York City, even when you’re alone, you’re never far from another set of eyes. That’s one of the reasons many of us feel comfortable here; walking home late at night, there’s always some stoned couple on a midnight munchies run for bodega sandwiches and a pint of Van Leeuwen's, or a new dad running out to the 24-hour Duane Reade for diapers and his Ambien prescription. A solo walk home from the train feels safe because, for the most part, we are in a city of complicit chaperones.
The flip side of this means that, when the spirit of the night (or the day) overcomes you and you find yourself getting it on outside the privacy of home or hotel room, someone is bound to see it happen. Especially during the stickiness of summer, when we’re all on a double dare to make our evenings feel like the last night of summer camp — mosquito bites and warm wine have that emotionally transportive effect, after all.
With just a couple weeks left to revel in the Great American Kick-Back that is New York City in the summer, we’ve rounded up inspirational stories of public sexcapades from seven of the city’s boldest, bravest women. May they serve as inspiration for your own out-of-bounds adventures before the imminent cold weather gets you down.