The World's Coolest Saunas

There’s no better place than a sauna to ease tired muscles, get rid of aches and pains and generally escape the rat race. But if you want something that does more than just get you into a sweat, how about a sauna that’s located in a gondola over the Finnish mountains? Or a traditional Andean hothouse in Machu Picchu, made from eucalyptus leaves? For an amazing view, try the sauna that looks out onto the Dolomites, or Koi Sauna, with its aquarium of fish to gaze at while you perspire.

Artists and architects around the world have experimented with saunas, turning many of them into beautiful works of art. What better way to let off some steam? Ahead, we give you a run down of the coolest out there...
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Photo: Courtesy Of Thermen & Badwelt Sinsheim.
Koi Sauna, Thermen & Badwelt Sinsheim, Germany

The Koi Sauna in Thermen & Badwelt Sinsheim is not your average sauna experience. Here you can watch colourful Koi fish swimming as you steam at 80° degrees. Alternatively, above the aquarium, is a panoramic view of the forests outside. And when you get bored, try the Tropics Sauna where you can swap fish-gazing for looking at colourful tropical birds.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Inkaterra.
Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, Peru

Instead of pine, traditional Andean sauna huts are created from bamboo and fresh eucalyptus leaves. Hot stones are heated in a fireplace at the centre, over which more eucalyptus leaves are placed. This is particularly refreshing if you’re suffering from sinus problems as you inhale the warm eucalyptus fumes.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Mama Thresl
Mama Thresl, Austria

The beauty of the view outside this sauna’s window - of Austrian mountains and woodland - is matched by its impressive interior. Smooth lines and organically shaped pine benches surround a log-burning stove, while cleverly positioned lighting helps add to the air of calm.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Hotel Arts Barcelona
Hotel Arts Barcelona, Spain

Find zen in the middle of the city at 43 the Spa in Hotel Arts Barcelona. Situated on the 43rd floor, this stunning sauna eases muscular pain and reduces tension with a combination of cedar wood scents and views of the lapping Mediterranean Sea.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Yllas.
Ylläs 1 Gondola Sauna, Finland

Only in Finland can you enjoy a gondola ride and a sauna at the same time. The unusual 20-minute tour takes place at twilight when the skiing has finished for the day. It starts from the top of the Ylläs mountains and takes you two kilometres downhill, pass frozen lakes and miles of pine trees, as you steam and sweat inside your specially-adapted cabin.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Marte Antonsen for SALT.
SALT, Norway

SALT is an art installation that functions as both a sauna and a stage. With a capacity of 100 people and its own bar, it claims to be the biggest public sauna in the world, and has a glass fronted wall which looks out onto the remote beach of Sandhornøya. If the Arctic Circle is a bit far to travel, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plans to tour SALT around the world, including to Ireland and Scotland.
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Photo: Courtesy Of The Grotto.
The Grotto Sauna, Canada

Situated on the edge of Ontario’s beautiful Georgian Bay, the Grotto’s curved lines have been created to emulate the waves outside, while the large oval windows let in an abundance of natural light. Sadly, this is a residential sauna so you’ll have to content yourself with admiring it from afar.
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Photo: Courtesy Of The Corinthia.
ESPY Sauna, The Corinthia, London

With crystal chandeliers and dark mirrored tiles, the ESPY sauna at The Corinthia is a modern interpretation of the traditional Finnish saunas. An amphitheatre glass enclosure and lighting underneath the sauna’s seats produce a calm ambiance that helps tired muscles and minds relax. The sauna also overlooks a lit pool and ice fountain, perfect for cooling off after your steam.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Graubünden Ferien/Gaudenz Danuser.
7132 Therme, Switzerland

Over 60,000 slabs of Vas quartzite were used to build this luxury thermal spa in the middle of the Swiss mountains. As well as being an architectural masterpiece, the sauna uses mineral-rich water that comes from a depth of 1000 metres. It emerges pre-heated to 30°C, so the steam on your skin is 100% natural.
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Photo: Courtesy of Adler Lodge.
Adler Lodge, Italy

With a panoramic view of the nearby snow-capped Dolomites and the scent of a mountain meadow wafting in through open slats, the Adler Lodge’s cliff-edge sauna is a million miles away from the daily grind.

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