Mind-Blowing Chalk Drawings From The World's Biggest Street-Art Festival

Chalk may be the most underrated of all artistic mediums. Sure, it's no match for Picasso's paintbrush or Michelangelo's marble, but you'd be surprised what people can do with the old-school sticks.

To wit: At the 2015 Pasadena Chalk Festival this past weekend, hundreds of artists took to the street to create chalk masterpieces. And the results were a far cry from the sidewalk scribbling you remember from your youth. (Hello, hopscotch.)

The 23rd annual event — which was touted as the world's biggest street-art festival — featured countless cool murals, each as jaw-dropping as the next. Frida Kahlo taking a selfie? Check. A crazy-realistic puppy portrait? Check. Click through to peek all of our favorite works of art from the festival that put your elementary-school chalkboard to shame.

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