Body Suits, Drag Queens, And Brad At Paper

For those of you who were wondering why last night seemed so sparkly, the mystery is solved: It was the Sixth Annual Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards, and yes, they were as much fun as you'd imagine (kinda like the Oscars of NYC's club kids). Good Units was packed fuller than our suitcase to Miami last weekend, and you couldn't turn a muscle without running into a man dressed as a woman, a latex body suit, or, err, performance art. Everyone you've ever met drunk was there, from Charlotte Ronson, who won the Best Designer with a Nightlife Influence Award, to Hanuk Hanuk, who won the Best Nightlife Photographer Award, but was too nervous to attend. We don't quite remember who scored all the other awards, (check out Paper for the full list), but we are kinda thankful they only happen once a year—our head says more, more, more but our liver says something very different.