8 Packing Hacks To Make Your Getaways SO Much Easier

You’ve just landed in Barcelona for your much-anticipated 10-day vacay with your special someone. You arrive at your Airbnb and unzip your neatly packed suitcase only to discover that your $40 bottle of conditioner exploded all over the vintage silk dress you borrowed from your friend. Insert panic attack.
Or how about this:
You and your friends are getting dressed for a night out in the Hamptons. You’re wearing your new palm-print jumpsuit and a pair of strappy sandals. All you need is a statement necklace and boom! You guys are out the door and off to drink rosé. Except that when you go to grab the necklace, you find that it’s in an intimate tangle with the rest of your jewelry. You and your friends take turns trying to get the knot out, a fight starts, and you end up breaking the necklace. Night ruined.
If you’re picking up what we’re putting down, packing disasters can wreak havoc on a vacation. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We have several hacks to prevent such travel catastrophes. As for whether or not you spill wine on your dress? Well, that’s on you.

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