White Girl Rosé Is Coming To A "Whine" Store Near You

Photo: Courtesy of White Girl Rosé.
I am not a huge fan of the Hamptons, and I try to avoid them. A story out of the Hamptons last summer only confirmed why I stay away: Apparently, Hamptonites almost ran out of rosé and it was a major deal. I am still not clear on why people didn’t just pack an extra bottle or two in their weekend bags (also, has anyone heard of Amazon?), but it was covered everywhere from The Washington Post to Page 6, so maybe I'm missing something. Wait. I think I am missing something. Perhaps, these rosé-starved vacationers don’t have weekend bags at all. Maybe they're just living in the Hamptons for the summer. That makes the rosé shortage the ultimate #whitegirlproblem. 

Always game for a joke, actor and writer The Fat Jew (a.k.a. Josh Ostrovsky) and the brothers behind White Girl Problems have created a wine called White Girl Rosé, to ensure that a shortage will not be ruining anyone’s summer again this year. The Fat Jew has vowed that  White Girl is "gluten-free... It’s everything-free." Wait: everything-free? Is it free free? Now I am definitely coming to the Hamptons!

David Oliver Cohen, one of the cofounders of White Girl Problems, said the idea came to them while at Soho House in NYC. “[Cofounder Josh and I] always get offers to do products, but we knew it had to be a booze product.” The rosé shortage provided the perfect opportunity.  I had to ask David if this was for real (when I originally saw this press release, I thought it was a joke), and he assured me that it is very real. “We knew people thought it was going to be a joke, so we worked with some pretty high-end and sophisticated wine people to make a spectacular, Provence-style wine... It’s super-crispy with a touch of citrus and sweet after-notes. It’s also bone-dry.”  

White Girl Rosé will be available for purchase and delivery from FreshDirect Wines & Spirits in NYC starting June 5. It will also be available at retailers in 38 states.      

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